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    Would you share the dimensions of your pvc rack? Specifically the distance between the shelves. Thank you

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    There are several numbers of wheatgrass benefits, and common people have been using wheat grass therapy as a safer remedy for sore throat, tooth decay, clear digestive track, and as a skin cleaner.

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    Dinesh Kunder

    I heard about this but 1st time i saw some snaps really its wonderful. Good research done. Thanks a lot.

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    Veni Maroly

    Thanks for sharing…. I am going to try.

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    Dinesh Kumar

    We have tried it at home, in kitchen. It became a bit of nuisance as flies started infesting the area. Never tried it in balcony though. Medicinal values have heard a lot and infact few juice centres here even sell them.

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    Prashant S. Rao

    Never heard about the medicinal values !!!
    Thanks for the same.

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    Arundathi Shriyan

    gud 1 ty for sharing

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    Dhaval Shah

    Good Research Done! Thanks for Sharing with us!

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