Members of the Mysore Sindhi Association celebrating New Year on Tuesday

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The Sindhi community here celebrated their New Year, Cheti Chand, with religious fervour and gaiety on Tuesday.

Held under the auspices of the Mysore Sindhi Association, the members took out a procession with a portrait of Jhulelal from Puj Darbar Sahib, which proceeded to Irwin Road, Ashoka Road before returning to Darbar Sahib.

The Sindhi New Year is celebrated to mark the birthday of the community god, Jhulelal, and is held on the second day of the month of Chaitra. The procession was followed by Chandraat celebrations.

President of the association Kishandas P. Doodeja said Cheti Chand was celebrated all over India by the community in a grand manner.

There are nearly 200 Sindhi households in Mysore and the temple dedicated to Jhulelal here was constructed in 1925, he said.

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