Love story: Accident case turns into murder case

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Mangalore, April 2: The accident case near Pavanje bridge in which Avinash(21) died on Tuesday April 1, is proved out to be a murder case. The accused Harish has been taken into custody by Mulki police.

The case revolves around a triangle love story. Avinash and Sushma Prasilla were in love with each other since 3 years. They both were committed since her college days, he was an rickshaw driver, they updated photos and status relating to their love story on facebook, the couple used to roam together and spend time with each other. Avinashs’s parents knew about this and even Sushma had agreed to get married with him. But Sushma’s parents were completely against this and they had warned Avinash to stay away.


Sushma was working at a BPO here in Mangalore, Harish was the driver of the cab in which she used to travel every day after her work. This continued for a period of 8 months and in this due course of time, Harish fell in love with Sushma, it is said that even Sushma was attached to him. Harish had known about Avinash and he warned him to leave Sushma, Harish had also sent threatening messages to Avinash. Then latter Harish planned to kill him.


A day prior to the incident, Avinash had visited Sushma’s work place to sort out things and talk to her, he was stopped by the security from entering the premises, it is learnt that he demanded to see her, but when she was called, she claimed to have not known him, then police were called and he was arrested. Avinash was released latter on bail. It is also learnt that Avinash had once tried to commit suicide due to depression on his love life.


Avinash’s friends claim that this was a planned murder and both Harish and Sushma are equally involved. Sushma is being interrogated by the police. The investigation is being led by DCP Vishnuvardhan and Inspector Ramachandra Nayak.

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