Helmet made compulsory for rider and pillion all over Karnataka State.

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Bengaluru, December 26: The Karnataka State Transport Department has made it compulsory that two-wheeler riders must wear a helmet, whether riding in city limits or outside, across Karnataka.

This rule, which will be effective from the 1st week of January, has been made mandatory due to increase in the number of road accidents.

Ramegowda, the Transport Department Commissioner said that the government wants to implement it from the first week of January 2015, as Karnataka is celebrating Road Safety Week. They have received guidelines from the central government as well, over a road awareness programme.

The government has had many cases where a rider or pillion rider died because of not wearing helmets when they met with an accident. Hence, the government has decided to make it a must to wear a helmet.

The government could also revise the fines for those who don’t obey this rule.

The government, according to Ramegowda, has made helmets compulsory for pillion riders as well on highways.

To actually reduce the fatalities, the helmet rule for a pillion must not only be on highways, but in city limits as well.

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