Government will be good only if it treats all religions equally- Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda.

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Mangaluru, December 26: Deve Gowda, Former Prime Minister and JD(S) chief visited the city on Friday December 26th on his way back to Bengaluru from Bhatkal.


Speaking to the reporters at circuit house here he said, “Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi should speak out on the conversion issue otherwise, the people might be mislead and given a wrong message. So whatever the cause of conversion is, PM needs to speak about it.


He said, the government will be good only if he treats all religions equally. If the PM does not speak on the issue, it conveys a wrong message to the people.

Gowda said, the condition of JD(S) in the Parliament was not so good, their number is very less and it is in the 15th position among the opposition parties.


He continued and said, since we are less in number, there are meager opportunities to speak in the Lok Sabha and raise questions about various issues.


Gowda also revealed that, the parties under Janata Parivar have decided to merge into a single party. Talks had been held with Naveen Patnaik. We are trying to convince him but it is up to his decision whether to merge or not. The party’s name will be chosen after merging.

Deve Gowda said that he would not contest the next elections.

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