School bus donated to Gangolli Govt. School: A step ahead in the development of Govt. Schools

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Gangolli, May 26: Konchadi Radha Shenoy Govt. High School at Gangolli has received a school bus for the convenience of students of the school. This can be considered as a step ahead in the development of Govt. Schools.

In recent days there has been a drop in the admission for Govt. Schools due to the effect of English medium Private Schools. In order to develop the only Govt. school at Gangolli and to motivate the students, Konchadi Ganapati Shenoy has donated a school bus.

Konchadi Ganapati Shenoy has also helped the Govt. school by constructing a new building, providing uniforms, Furniture, computers, Scholarship etc to the students.

The handing over ceremony of the school bus is going to be held on May 31.

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