Gayathri Yagnam and Gayathri Grutham -2015

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Mangalore: Indian culture and heritage needs no introduction to the world of knowledge. However one of the branches of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine has not come to lime light due to its inherent esoteric and indigenous scientific approach. Shree Nithyananda Yogashrama is planning to conduct a Yagna (vedic ritual) for the protection of Mother nature and ecological cleansing. 


Indian lineage on Metaphysics, quantum physics, general physics and chemistry proved living beings as creations of Mother Nature with the five elements and enjoys her love and care. Humans being endowed with the power of differentiation and intellect are expected to understand and protect the nature for continued happiness and future generation. Though bestowed with natures blessings humans with their arrogance and ignorance continues to destroy everything required for the continuance of world.


Though considered as a mythological creation by many, Lord Krishna in his deliverance through Bhagavath Geetha cautions humans to beware of the evils of Kaliyuga. Kama (greediness) Krodha (anger) Dwesha (hatred) leads to Adharma (non righteous conduct) and selfishness which creates Mathibrama (distorted mind and thinking) culminating into the destruction of natural means. Thus Evil Takes over Nature through the deeds of Human greed.


Due to the negativity and materialistic greed of humans the five elements i.e. air, earth, water, space, and fire have become so polluted that natural calamities have taken over the world, this could destroy the Eco system and nature.

It is time to wake up our inner soul and bring back the traditional values of nature & give our children a chance to live! Keeping this karma (duty) in mind, the spiritual leaders of Sree Nithyananda yoga ashram ,Uppala with Traditional medicine specialists, Doctors from India and other parts of the world congregated to conduct a yagna ( not performed in the last 500 years)” BRIHAT GAYATRI GHRITA” which purifies the five elements and the Jeevathma.

‘Adhyathma’, the combination of soul and super power is the essence of human life and Indian culture. These demands and allows a sense of love and kinship among people and make them feel part of the Creator and other creations.

When the world as a whole is looking towards India for solutions, Indians are trying to ape the culture already discarded by the rest of the world. Our sanctified India has contributed to the world’s many spiritual leaders like Adi  Shankaracharya, Sri Ramakrishna paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, Sree Narayana Guru, Bhagvan Nithyananda Gurudev  and many more. Many Indians forget their heritage.

It is the need of the hour to awaken the kundalini (the eternal fire – energy) within us, to create harmony and peace in the world.

In Kondevoor( Uppala) Guru Yogananda SaraswathiSwamiji, disciple of Bhagvan Nithyananda,continues to serve the humanity with the view to create a progressive, peacefull and harmonious Society. Under Swmiji’s guidance the yogashrama aims and works towards achieving the ‘five A’s’ – Anna (food) Akshara (education), Aarogya (health), Aashraya (shelter) and Aadhara (livelyhood).

Currently, the ashramam provides free food to all inmates, students and devotees. Two schools are being run with more than 450 students, all provided with uniforms, food, transportation and shelter wherever necessary, free of cost. Medical camps are being conducted and free medicines provided to the needy. Blood donations and campaigns of awareness are also conducted. Livelihood is offered with cow protection, cultivation and small scale industries – all respecting the Eco system.

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