Rising temperature levels in Dakshina Kannada, a big line of problems

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Mangalore, April 28: Heat and humidity in summer months of April and May in Dakshina Kannada is an old story. These days the temperature is registering 35 degrees Celsius and more.  Also water shortage is one of the problems.

The Lok Sabha elections are over.  Elected representatives are busy with voting and ‘who will win and who will lose’. On the one hand is the heat and discomfort and on the other hand is the electricity failure every now and then. In some places to fetch a bucket of water one has to walk a kilometer or more.  Even in Villages there is shortage of water.

Some farmers, cooperatives, social workers are engaged in helping the society. There are some water tankers supplying water.  But the demand for water is coming from remote villages and other areas.  It is a problem without a solution. There is a lot of construction activity in progress and tall buildings have reared their heads.  There have been a few drops of rain and has created some coolness in the past few days but however the heat is still there.

The much awaited project, drinking water for 20 villages is still on the pipeline. Though it has been popularized in the last 2-3 years it has just remained as it is. The Government officials have been instructed to give it a new direction, district minister in charge B. Ramanath Rai has chaired a committee to iron out the difficulties. We have to wait and see the outcome.

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