Lightning strikes: damage to houses, women injured

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Bantwal April 27: On Saturday night there was rain and lightning for many hours. On account of this, in Neralakatte and Anantadi villages two houses had collapsed. And also a woman was injured.

Close to Vittal is a village called Nettlamoodnooru, many people reside in this village. This place was struck by lightning and electrical connections from outside were reportedly on fire. Many walls have collapsed.  TV, fan and similar electronic items are not functioning. It is said that, lightning has made a woman deaf. It is also estimated that there might have been a loss of Rs30,000.

Likewise in Anantadi village Kombila lives Mr. Dharnappa Poojary. A coconut tree in his yard was struck by lightning and fell on his house. Electricity is cut off. The walls and the floor are reportedly collapsing. The connections in the electrical pole outside have short circuited.  Estimated loss is around Rs.40,000.

Due to the strong winds electrical pole has fallen down on the Vittal-palace road and all electrical facilities have been temporarily lost awaiting repairs. Revenue inspectors have rushed to the aforementioned places and remedial action has been taken said the taluk Thashildar Malleswamy.

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