Bogus stamp paper scandal, chief accused taken to custody

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Sulia April 24: The notary advocate B.V. Keshav Bhat Bheemaguli has been taken to custody by the police for duping the general public and cheating the Government.  He had managed to go into hiding.  He was able to be traced and is now facing punishment for doing dealings in bogus stamp paper.

The Supreme Court struck down his application in a property dealings matter and he was coming to court on Thursday to face court proceedings. As he was nearing an advocate’s office in Puttur he was taken into police custody.

In 2011 a person from Kudkunje by name Manjulagiri Thimmappayya had purchased a car namely Maruti Ritz from Mahesh Kumar hailing from Karikkal. As there was a bank loan standing in the name of this same car, Thimmappayya approached Notary Keshav Bhat for making some paperwork and a J.P.A. For this Mr. Keshav Bhat charged Rs. 1500, saying that the stamp paper valued at Rs. 200 each had to be brought from the Sulia sub-registrar’s office. On the following day Mr. Keshav Bhat made the agreement and the J.P.A.

Subsequently Thimmappayya showed this to the Syndicate Bank where the manager on seeing these declared them to be made on bogus stamp paper and returned them back to Thimmappayya. On being confronted with this situation Thimmappayya went to Sulia sub-registrar office where he had them examined. They told him there that they were not guilty of issuing these stamp papers. Contacting the Sulia Circle Inspector who then sent him to Subramanya Police Station and on the date of June 16 2011 filed a criminal case against Keshav Bhat.  The circle inspector of Sulia got Keshav Bhat arrested and had him brought to the police station, he was kept till nightfall and subsequently set free.

Further Investigation

Further investigations by Sulia Circle Inspector K. Tharanath and his associates made account for the notary seal, diary, Panja Syndicate Bank manager’s bogus seal, Panja temple managing trustees’ bogus seal, Panja panchayat secretary’s bogus seal. Also coming to account were the D.C.C. Bank and Syndicate Bank and on the bogus stamp paper names and addresses of 33 prominent citizens of the town for whom the same advocate had made J.P.A. and other paperwork.

At this stage Mr. Keshav Bhat was found to be absconding.  He however had made a case in session’s court for ownership of a land.  His case was however struck down. Subsequently he took his appeal to the High Court.  This did not work out and his case was struck down here as well. Further on he made an appeal to High Court to restudy his application.

The police under criminal matters written in column 169 had not found sufficient evidence said the public prosecutor and the High court ruled on his behalf.

A fresh application

On the grounds of High Court order the criminal proceedings were stayed.  Thimmappayya appealed to the High Court to withdraw the ruling and continue proceedings against the lawyer Mr. Keshav Bhat. Making amends the High Court declared the police were free to take custody of the advocate.

Thimmappayya submitting another criminal petition asked that the police bail to the advocate should be withdrawn. The High Court gave consideration to this petition. The Sulia police asked the accused Keshav Bheemaguli (Bhat) to make his attendance at the police station and face inquiries. But Mr. Keshav Bheemaguli was absconding. Sulia district court made an arrest warrant for the same.  In the same token the accused made out his property to the government and the court to sanction bail. This was also struck down by the court. A person on whom the central government has reposed trust found to be engaged in making bogus stamp papers must be arrested by the police and conduct of investigation is in order. So saying the Supreme court said the High court ruling stands and does not need to be set aside.

So Mr. Keshav Bhat came to Sulia to face court proceedings on Thursday. On gaining this knowledge through informants the circle inspector and his associates arrested the advocate. This came to light recently. District Suptdt. of police Sharanabasappa, dditional Suptdt. of police Shivakumar, Puttur DYSP H.D. Mendonca provided the foundation for the arrest of advocate said the circle inspector.

When the accused was produced before the judge in Sulia court the circle inspector Satish asked to take him into police custody. The judge did not agree and asked him to be under judicial custody and be present in court on Friday.

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