Mangalore celebrates Bisu festival

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Mangalore, April 14: With the arrival of Bisu festival in Mangalore, it is also necessary to make people realize the importance of farming, said Dr. Mohan Alva, President of Alva’s Institution.

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Speaking after inaugurating the Bisu Parbha held at V.V. CCollege here in Mangalore on Tuesday morning, he said, “as the time changes there needs to be up gradation in the method of farming, the standards should be increased. In order to protect and maintain the bond of family relationships, these kinds of festivals should be celebrated.” The occasion was also marked by the CD release of ‘Ahalya’, a drama composed by Kadri Navneet Shetty. It was released by Kasargod Chinna, Former President of Konkani Academy.

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Bisu, also known as Souramana Ugadi (Hindu New Year) is a festival in which people see their face in the mirror placed in front of Gods idol. A light (deepa) is placed in front of the mirror. The mirror tray includes mango, jackfruit, pineapple, coconut, paddy, jewels, cash and yellow flowers. This is called Bisu Kani and mostly celebrated early morning.

Raghunath Shetty, Anil Das, Navaneet Shetty and others were present at the occasion.

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