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Mangalore: AAM AADMI Party Dakshina Kannada Lok Sabha Candidate M. R. Vasudeva campaigned at Old Port on Monday 14th April. He mingled with the fisher folks and Dock Workers. The reception he received was tremendous.



“These people are the real aam aadmi. They work hard everyday to make a living and are the unsung heroes of our society. Introducing simple improvements in the way the fisher women sell their fish would benefit them as well as the buyers. Why is fish being sold like it was a hundred years ago? Can we not bring some effective improvements? I believe with the support of the fisher women, the authorities and citizens we can make improvements. I will show them the way and I am positive they will follow.” said Mr. Vasudeva

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“The people were taken by surprise by Mr. Vasudeva’s visit. Seldom does an MP or MP candidate of a National Party make a visit to these parts. If they do, they are accompanied by a coterie of people who insulate the aam aadmi from the MP or MP candidate. Mr. Vasudeva has no reservations mingling with the aam aadmi as he has done throughout his campaign. He does so now and will do so even when he is elected.” said Rajan Shastri an AAP-DK volunteer.

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“Our intelligence findings and feedback received inform us that there has been a tremendous surge of support for the AAM AADMI Party these past few days before election day. The minority communities are convinced that AAP will protect their interests vigorously as per Articles 25, 26 and 27 of the Constitution, as Mr. Yogendra Yadav emphasized in the Press Meet held the previous evening on April 13th. Just you wait and see!” said Alex, AAP-DK’s Office Manager.

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“In the last election Shri Nalin Kumar Kateel beat Shri. Janardhan Poojary by 40,420 votes. According to election experts it was the anti Poojary votes that defeated Congress in Dakshina Kannada. According to the election pundits, the feeling then was that had it been any other candidate Congress would have fared better. It is no different now, it is only worse for the Congress Party. Support for Congress has simply evaporated. The only reason Congress came to power in Karnataka is because of the dirty tricks played by one man who is now back in the BJP fold. This is now a two party race. AAP will come out ahead by over 1 lakh votes.” said Rohan Shiri, AAP-DK Secretary.

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