Karnataka’s congress Govt. is a carbon copy of Kerala Govt: K. Surendran

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Mangalore, April 14: “There is a strong link between terrorism in Kerala and Karnataka, Karnataka’s congress Govt. is a carbon copy of Kerala Govt,” said K. Surendran at a press meet held at BJP office here on Monday.


He informed that, “BJP may take a lead in Kasargod and Trivandrum. People have shown their complete support.” Later he said, “CPM and Congress have a good understanding, they won’t hesisitate to do anything. To get into power, they will do every possible thing.”

“Terrorism has taken a strong root in Kerala, as Narendra Modi said, ‘Kerala is like a Nursery for terrorism.’ Without N.D.A Govt. coming at the centre, these problems won’t be solved. And people themselves want N.D.A Govt. to take over at center,” he added.


Later talking on the issue of Modi’s marital life he said, “Congress doesn’t have the right to talk about this. If they have the guts let them talk about Rahul’s girlfriend Veronica, where is she now? They both stayed at a place in Kerala, why was that? Sonia Gandhi and Rahul should answer.”

Pratap Simha Nayak, Yogish Bhat, Devidas Shetty, Praba Malini, Shakila and others were present at the press meet.

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