Each person should be treated equally, minority quota should be cancelled: Aboobakkar

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Mangalore, April 14: “Society shouldn’t be divided into minorities and majorities, each person should be treated equally,” said Aboobakkar N.B. at the press meet held at BJP office here on Monday.

Speaking to reporters he said, “BJP has gained a good public support. N.D.A Govt. has given a lot to this country, we have implemented major projects like, 4 way highway of 2314 kms, Rs. 25000 to Hajj visitors, POTA act, houses to more than 70 lac houseless people, Kisan credit card and many more. BJP Govt. has given major posts and facilities to minority groups. But what has U.P.A. Govt. given us? They just talk about RTI everywhere.”


“In Ullala clashes arose again, where was U.T. Kadar when this happened, they are not even bothered about the security of people. Minority group will be protected only by BJP Govt. and not by Congress. Congress members are holding dirty promotion, only during elections they go to people and give them fake promises. They go to minority houses and say ‘if BJP comes, women’s burkas will be removed’, what rubbish are they talking? Congress is a shameless party,” he added.

Adding to his statements, he said, “BJP follows secularism, Hindu, Christians and Muslims all are with BJP, Congress is a communal group, they are just bothered about vote bank.”

Altaf, A.K. Jamak, Mohammad salam, Jerald, Pratap simha Nayak and others were present at the press meet.

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