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Indian History records reveal that from 1765-1795, Queen Ahalya Bai ruled the ancient Holkar region and in terms of Hindu religion she considered her subjects as her own family members. Even today it is recorded as a unique and very special case and instance. During her reign, she renovated many ancient Hindu pilgrimage centres like Kashi Vishwanatha Temple which was destroyed by Aurangzeb and Somanatha Temple destroyed by Ghazni Mohammed etc.

Her contributions to the welfare of the community and well-being of mankind are worth emulating. Introduction of revenue reforms, upliftment of economically weaker sections of the society was recorded in the history as an innovative plan, a noble cause and gesture.

She also continued her community development oriented projects and initiated a special public religious functions annually i.e. performance of religious rites and rituals in fond memory of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the war defending their state and untimely accidental deaths of the people and people who committed suicide, for their salvation of departed soul and to be rest in eternal peace. There is no further registered trace or record of performing these religious rituals by anyone in the Indian history.


In our country there are many legend warriors and martyrs who fought for the country and laid down their lives during the war. To name a few Jhansi Rani Laxmi Bai, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Raj Guru, Chandrashekar Azad, Subhashchandra Bose. Many innocent people were massacred during the firing at Jalianwala Bagh in the year 1919 while they were engaged in a prayer meeting, hundreds of Indian origin soldiers died fighting the World War I and II, Chinese invasion on India, 3 wars against Pakistan, people died in 1947 during India-Pakistan partition struggle, Kargil war, Pakistanis killed the Indian soldiers by extracting their eyes, suspicious death of Space Scientist Late Homi Baba, Blue star operation in Amritsar, soldiers died during the peace keeping force in Sri Lanka, inhuman act of killing of Kar sevaks in Godhra Train fire in compartments, who became immortal, chasing and eviction of terrorists from Hanuman Mandir, Varanasi, bomb explosion at Aksharadhama, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat in 2002, pilgrims and soldier paratroopers killed in Kedaranath bomb explosion, assassination of patriots like Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahaddur Shastri, Pandith Dinadayal Upadyaya, soldiers killed by terrorists in the Kashmir, Punjab and other state borders, policemen killed in naxalite encounters, all these souls wandering and roaming left without any eternal peace, solace and salvation. Innocent people killed by terrorists in Mumbai in Hotel Taj Mahal attack, Bhopal gas tragedy victims, staff killed by explosion in industrial units and people who passed away and their dependents who failed to perform their last rituals owing to financial constraints.

In memory of all these departed people, Mysore based Koteshwar Janardhan Bhat who donated 12 food delivery vehicles to Akshaya Patra Foundation managed by ISKCON Bangalore costing over Rs. 1.15 crores had organised a public religious ritual and rites function at Sri Balarama Temple, Malpe Shree Vadabandeshwara on 12 – 13 march 2014 for the salvation of the departed souls and for their eternal rest and ultimate peace.

Under the leadership of Kundapur based Sri Vedamurthy Ananda Bhat, 13 priests actively participated. In this team Veda Murthy Ananda Bhat, V.M. Yogish Bhat, Mangalore, Shree Hanumantha Acharya, Basrur, Shree Udaya Bhat, Naikanakatte, Shree Shreekanth Avadhani Kalyanupura with them priests from Gangolli, Udupi, Malpe also assisted in the religious rituals function. From 12.03.2014 dawn to dust continuously Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, reciting of Pavamana Shlokas, rendering of Gayatri manthra, bhagavadgitha discourse, Bilva Ashtothara Sthotra, Chaturdasha Mantra Japa, Rudra Patana was held. Installation of rudra and Vishnu kalasha were also held. The souls of the patriots was invited in the idol, rudra pooja was performed to relieve them from Pretha Yoni (Ghost status).

On 13.03.2014 vishnu kalasha was installed and Chaturdasha mantra were recited with 24,000 tila (gin seed) ahutis offered in the Homa/Yajna. After the Vishnu Kalasha pooja and praying and granting solace to the martyr’s idols were purified by showering with holy water and immersed in the sea. It is worthwhile to create awareness among the public about these religious rites and rituals. As per Garuda Purana and other religious books, a person who dies due to unnatural or untimely death (dur-marana) like above instances, before cremating the body, and after, Narayana Bali is to be performed. Otherwise such souls continue to remain as ghosts (pretha) indefinitely and later it would take victim (Ahuti) of kith and kin in due course, it is believed.


The Govt, Industrialists should help the dependent family members of the martyrs in one or the other way financially or socially. It is said that, If people fail to perform the last rites the spirits will disturb their peace of mind because it is extremely difficult for ghosts to continue in Pretha Yoni form.

Without discriminating any caste, creed and religion, and to materialise the quotation of Upanishads “Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu” this religious programme conducted and sponsored by Sri K. Janardhana Bhat is commendable and laudable. Hence, may the God grant him good health, happiness and prosperity in his life. May the God grant eternal peace for the departed souls and we wish that they will attain rebirth in this Holy country and serve and safe guard our country.

News courtesy : Mr.MV.Mallya

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