Explosion at Kadri, teenager died and three others injured

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Mangalore, April 4: A 14 year girl died and three others were seriously injured due to an explosion in an apartment at a residential area in Kadri Kambla Road this morning. It is said that the explosion is caused due to gas leak.

Bharati (14) died while her parents Shivananda (40) and Bhagya (35) and brother Anjaneya (15) sustained serious injuries in the blast and are admitted to the hopital.

Kadri_Blast_Pics_2 Kadri_Blast_Pics_3 Kadri_Blast_Pics_4 Kadri_Blast_Pics_5 Kadri_Blast_Pics_6

The explosion was very severe that it caused damage to other apartments around it. The incident occurred.  It is said that the explosion occurred at around 4.40 am when Shivananda, the watchman sensed gas odour and entered the room, he switched on the light to check on it. The spark on switch caused explosion.

Kadri_Blast_Pics_7 Kadri_Blast_Pics_8 Kadri_Blast_Pics_9 Kadri_Blast_Pics_14 Kadri_Blast_Pics_13 Kadri_Blast_Pics_12 Kadri_Blast_Pics_11 Kadri_Blast_Pics_15 Kadri_Blast_Pics_16 Kadri_Blast_Pics_17 Kadri_Blast_Pics_18 Kadri_Blast_Pics_22 Kadri_Blast_Pics_21 Kadri_Blast_Pics_20 Kadri_Blast_Pics_19

The fire tender vehicles which rushed to the spot extinguished the fire. It is learnt, Shivananda who hailed form Haveri resided in a room on the upper floor while his wife and children slept in a room on the ground floor.


Kadri police have registered a case.

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