Five Mangalore based crew rescued as Lakshadweep bound cargo vessel sinks

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Mangalore, Mar 18: A total of five crew members, who were aboard in a cargo vessel that set sail from Mangalore to Lakshadweep, was capsized about 40 nautical miles off the coast of Mangalore North on Sunday March 16 were rescued.

The rescued crew is Abdurrazak, resident of Bengre, his son and three other locals.

The vessel bearing the name ‘MSV Venkamma’ belonged to Naveen Mendon of Bokkapatna set sail from Mangalore North dock loaded with cargo on March 15, Sunday.

It is learnt that the vessel which was sailing with five crew members began to sink, when water began to flow inside the vessel on Saturday around 11 pm and by 3 am, as the force of water increased, the crew tried to put out the water using the five pumps on board, but when the efforts went in vain, the crew rowed away with the help of the lifeboat, leaving the vessel. On March 16, Sunday by 8.30 am, the vessel sank completely causing a huge loss estimated at Rs 80 lakhs.

As the crew spotted Mangalore based fishing boat, ‘Guru Maruti’, sailing at a distance, they signalled them to rescue with a piece of cloth and reached the shore safely.

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