DK AAP appeals public support for offices, transport and office equipments

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Mangalore, Mar 14: The Dakshina Kannada Aam Aadmi Party is in the process of opening seven offices in addition to the existing main office in Mangalore City for the Lok Sabha election. There is need for offices which will serve the eight assembly constituencies in Moodbidri, Bantwal, Puttur, and Beltangady.

AAP is asking for participation from the general public to sign on as volunteers and also sponsor office furniture as tables, chairs, fixtures etc. AAP could also use your help in the area of transportation, (cars, small trucks, mini vans, mini buses etc.), stage equipment and public address systems. AAP additionally welcomes your contributions that are 100% tax exempt.

As we near elections, there will be a number of volunteers coming from other parts of the country to assist us and we would highly appreciate temporary accommodation for these out of town visitors. This would be an excellent opportunity for Mangloreans to host these visitors and express our hospitable nature.

AAP is a 21st Century Political Party that appeals to people who are fed up with parties that our practicing the politics of the last Century. We wish to herald a new Era of citizen participation that trounces the practice of money power that has had a vicious grip on the democratic electoral process.

This is an opportunity for Mangloreans to show case the very best of the Democratic Electoral Process, where citizens come together and succeed, rather than mindlessly spend money on Television Ads. The prevailing practice to date by some parties is to buy people votes with notes and distribution of consumables and consumer items. AAP has undertaken the task of convincing people to exercise their franchise in favour of an upright, committed, honest, qualified candidate M.R. Vasudeva.

Please Contact: aamaadmidk@gmail.com or call 9480532399/9845082856

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