Psycho in Kundapur!

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Kundapur; Feb 06: A case has been reported, wherein an idiot by using and coaxing school going boys, was collecting mobile numbers of the girls of their houses and acquaintances houses from them and targeting the girls.

 Now the million dollar question is that this man by not allowing one boy to go to school for the last two months and taking him for round is for homosexual or to target girls? But before the matter could reach to police station, the issue was compromised.

What was the incident?

It was said that a rickshaw driver from the city was taking one boy from respectable family in his rickshaw for round daily in the pretext of showing him the places without allowing him to go to school for the last two months by giving him snacks without the knowledge of boy’s family members. However the matter has come to light through school authorities about his absence.

The family members, then after scolding, threatening and advising the boy, started sending him school again. According to the boy’s family member’s statement, a few days back they received an anonymous call saying that boy and girl of your house were sold to us…

When the matter was inquired completely with boy in depth, boy disclosed everything about the auto driver such as enquiring about his sister and took her mobile number etc.Also according to the family members of the boy, they have been observing some injuries on his secrete part for the past few days.

The family members after heavy search found the rickshaw driver and inquired with him about the incident. But rickshaw driver flately refused and denied all the allegations took an oath, sweared and finally case was ended with compromise.


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