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Udupi: Prof S.V.Parameshwara Bhat’s centenary event

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Udupi; Nov 07: While talking on “Prof.S.V.Parameshwara Bhattara Anuvadha Sahitya”(translated literature of Prof.S.V.Parameshwara Bhat) programme, held on Nov 07, Thursday in Ravindra Mantap,organized under the auspices of Mahatma Gandhi memorial college and academy of general education, Prof.S.V.P. Centenary celebration Samiti, Rashtra Kavi Govind Pai research centre, Rathabeedhi friends,Dr Padekallu Vishnu Bhat said in his address that Dr.S.V.Parameshwara Bhat enriched the field of literature through translation and his own creation.


He was the man, who used to reach the literature to each and every house before the publication. Besides, he was the man, by writing the book at the time of Navodhaya, used to introduce old poets to the people, when it was needed.


Even he translated the English and Sanskrit books to Kannada. By publishing S.V.P Kalidas volume, he has also earned the name of Abhinava Kalidas. Along with giving the origin of the book, he also used to translate.

Similar to SVP Kalidas great volume, he has also created a great volume called Kannadabasa.Then came Kannada Bhavabhoothi.Thereafter he translated Ashwagoshana book to Buddha charithra in Kannada.You might have observed the qualities of lecturer in his works, he said.


Talking on Prof.De.Jawaregowda translated literature, Dr.Pradhan Gurudatt said that Prof.De Jawaregowda was the man, who brought idealism into practice and he was responsible to bring out 250 translated books in Mysore Vishwa Vidhranilaya under his leadership.

In VV, he was not only encouraging to translate books of different languages, he himself was translating. By using original language of four decades, he has shown the elegance of the translation. Prof De Jawaregowda was the one, who translated Tolstoy’s ‘war and peace’ and he was the creator of translation education.Prof.De Jawaregowda was telling that translation is not the job of lazy people.

Dr.H.Shantaram, Principal Hala Naik were present.


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