Day-Long traffic jam at BC Road on Wednesday

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Bantwal, Oct 23: A huge, a day- long traffic jam at BC Road that on Wednesday October 23 put travelers and passengers in trouble.

Bantwal citizens and the police were tired by trying to clear the traffic jam.


The traffic jam that started in the morning continued till evening. Though there are highways, flyover and service roads in BC Road, the traffic problem continued. As there were occasions such as weddings on Wednesday, the traffic was more than usual.

Though there is provision for one way traffic, the vehicles going to BC Road from Bantwal turning near the circle were the main reason for the traffic jam.


Four to five police constables had to stand there and regulate the traffic. As the traffic increased, police had to struggle till dark

.When VIPs such as ministers or senior police officials are scheduled to travel through the highway, Puttur traffic police get assigned in BC Road to ensure that they do not get stuck in traffic.

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