Udupi: At the mercy of single officer, irregularities in BPL card issue and Govt lands encroachment- alleges social worker

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Udupi;Oct 22 : Addressing the press reporters in the press meet held on Oct 22,Tuesdy at Pathrika Bhavan,B.Nemiraja Rai,a social worker alleged in his address that without any concern, botheration for the government’s gauges, punishments, BPL ration cards are being issued indiscriminately mostly on the recommendation of single  authority.

He further said that in Nitte village, not only from the neighboring villages but also from outside the village, government lands are being encroached, grabbed arbitrarily with the complete support of authorities. Even if we lodge complaint about the same, result will be nil and no value at all, he added

Continuing his speech, he alleged that there is a clear cut indication, order from the government that government lands should be protected, in case it is encroached immediately that has to be opened, failing which the action should be taken against the authority responsible. Even court and governor is also of the same opinion.

Besides, he said that the actions taken against all these irregularities by him, ignorance and negative attitude of higher authorities coupled with pressure from prominent and influential leaders made him completely incapable of going ahead and this is highly deplorable matter and only village accountant has to explain, he said.

He also said that in the eve of Loka Sabha elections, which is fast approaching, the irregularities and records issued under informations right acts of Nitte village in Karkala taluk are the classic example for how government projects are being misused by the politically influenced authorities.

In order to regularize the ration card arrangement, which was under confusion for the last several years, the new government has passed an order by imposing around 15 points’ punishments. As per the order, the food and civil supplies department, village panchayat official and village accountant, all three of them have to visit the place of applicants in order to survey the place and by gathering informations in the form of witness from the neighbors and then only BPL card should be issued when the informations collected are in line with the government order

But now without considering, bothering any one of the clauses, gauges, punishments, BPL cards are being issued freely at the mercy of single authority, he alleged

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