Udupi: Congress to hand-over the Soujanya murder case to CBI; BJP was in slumber even after knowing the fact-says Rama Sene

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Udupi; Oct 22: While speaking to press reporters in the press meet,held on Oct 22,Tuesday at Udupi press club Kumar Malemar of Sri Rama Sene said in his address that Congress should hand-over the Soujanya’s mysterious murder case to CBI.


He further said that BJP what was supposed to be the poor people’s party, kept silent by closing their eyes even after knowing the incident. Now congress government without doing injustice to the people, the case should be transferred to CBI, he added.


He also added that Rama Sene will not tolerate allegations, defamations and insult, attack on Dr.Heggade’s individuality. Today Mahesh Shetty Thimarody raised his voice against Soujanya murder case. There are many people to condemn him.


Continuing his speech, he said that when the drug, alcoholism addicted girls from the coastal regions are being attacked or raided, intelligent people of the region will raise their voices and hold protests demanding for CID,CBI investingation.But in Soujanya’s case, why the same wise people  don’t raise their voice?, he questioned.

Vijaya Kumar, HJS, Dinesh, Rajesh.Ashish Pangala and among others were present.

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