Udupi: Reported irregularities in Uggelbettu Garodi; allegations by committee members & group of devotees

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Udupi; Oct 17: Committee members and a group of devotees have alleged that a case of irregularities has been reported in Uppooru Uggelbettu Brahma Baidarkala Chikkamma temple by Mahabala Poojary-Mokteshwara (administrative executive).


It is further alleged that Garadi (temple) is located in 30 cents of land and it is not registered in anybody’s name. All the garadi related items (properties) are being lying in the nearby Garadimane (temple’s home).


The account of the items and donations received from the devotees for the last 25 years worth around Rs 1.5 to 2 crore has not been maintained and is not being produced by Mahabala Poojary-Mokteshwara and he is arbitrarily behaving against the will of God, they alleged


During Nema time (Annual worshipping period) donations are being collected from lakhs of devotees but Poojary is reluctant to disclose the account.


Now he has filed a legal case in the court claiming that this Garadi (temple) belongs to him.


Meantime when the media people questioned about this, he replied them that you will get the answer in court.


In one hand general public and other hand management committee, this wealth belongs to general public and that has to be utilized for the purpose of general public only.In the name of God, besides being a panchayat member, nobody is raising any question against Mokteshwara,it alleged.

Committee members like Vishwanath Sanil, Krishnappa Poojary, Naveen Amin and Santhosh Kotian have alleged that now all the Garadi properties (items) are lying in Garadimane and the financial condition of the members of Garadi mane, who are relatives of Mahabala Poojary is not improved and besides there is no safety measures for the temple’s properties, it said.

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