Anonymous Car Creates Anxiety in the People of Urvastore

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Mangalore, Oct. 17: At Kotekani Road near Urvastore someone kept a car near a house, and it is still there from five days which created anxiety in the localities.



A Maharashtra Register ( H.M .06W .714 ) c yellow coloured Wagener Car was kept near the gate of a house at Kotakani Road in between Urvastore and Chilimbi. The local residents were worried because five days has left still the owner of the car didn’t come to take the car.



Inquired in all around household, but the car was not related to any person of that area. The four tires of the car also in good position. So the people in confused that why and who park the car in that place.


Apart from all this the people of that area also hesitate to complain about the car in the police station.

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