It is not the money but attitudes of the staff counts!! It is not the question of Rs 150 fine but the ethics, policy of the hospital!!

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Mangalore; Oct 15: AJ is doing well, prospering well and got all the name and fame but why this injustice for the poor patients is ??

Not only the hospital or any organization but the attitude of the staff makes the difference. The staff only can bring laurels to the institution, where he/she works or bad repute, name. They have to work humanely. They cannot take any decision without the knowledge of management arbitrarily, just to escape from their responsibility and shouldering it on others. Clients, customer is an asset for any organization, institutions. Meantime I also blame some of the patients for not adhering to the specified hospital rules

 Though I have been reading in the papers about complaints here and there almost in all the hospitals but on Oct 14, Monday was my worst day in A.J.Hospital.I have been visiting very frequently to A.J.Hospital for one or other reasons for the last two years. I have visited many times and some of the staff over there knows me well. I did not encounter any problems so far except in some petty, minor issues, which is a part and parcel of the service. It happens everywhere in life. That is not the problem.

But the question is on small issue, staff concerned could not justify it properly. Recently because of one small issue I got lost, not because I have paid Rs 150 as penalty towards maintenance of wash room, situated in 6th floor post-delivery ward for the damage somebody done but because of the arbitrary decision of the staff concerned working over there.Approach,attitudes and ethics of the staff really annoying the patients. Some of the points, I am trying to highlight here is not for  my personal benefit but for the benefit of the poor patients, who are coming here from different places to get free medical treatment. Along with me, one more patient’s party was there to prove my claims.

Here, what happened was, my niece who used to come all the way from Padubidri for her regular check-up for the last two three months, as her name was registered in A.J.Hospital for her first delivery.It was on oct 10, Thursday morning when she came for her regular check-up, doctor who was attending her told her to get admitted after examined her condition of the body and mild labour pain she was getting. On Oct 11, Friday early morning she had a normal delivery and gave birth to a baby girl and subsequently she has been transferred her to post-delivery ward, which is situated in 6th floor of the building which under construction, just opposite dental college in the premise.

As there were continuous governments holidays in between due to Navarathri, Dasara celebrations, she had to be discharged on Oct 14, Monday.However during her stay in hospital, they have been verbally informed about the fine for the damage done in toilets, wash-basin by somebody regardless of whoever has damaged it.

It was on Oct 14, Monday when I went to clear the bill, I was told to pay Rs 150 as fine towards maintenance, though it was a free medical service for the poor. I was stunned and questioned the staff on the counter, why it is so?.  I was told by her that it is the instruction, she has received from the security and head of the nurse department. Anyhow, I have already remitted Rs 150 thinking that why we should unnecessarily drag the issue. The lady in fact justified her position. She has to obey the instruction, she has received. She was 100% correct in her place.

However I wanted to have justification for this arbitrary collection of fine for the maintenance of the building from the poor patients, where treatment is available totally free of cost and my niece did not even commit any wrong doing.

I asked the lady on the counter to whom I have to approach for the justification, I don’t want to create any problem but I want to bring to their notice. That is all. She referred me to security department in cabin number 3, in causality department building.

Accordingly I went there but the man whom I was searching was not on his seat. I asked the receptionist over there about his whereabout.She said, may be he is in rounds Then I went to MD’s room in the intention of just to put this matter to his ears.Unfortunately,being it  was a government holiday, he was on leave. Then I thought that let me forget and go because our vehicle has already arrived and waiting for us.

While in the process, I was told by somebody to approach head of the nurses/sisters. Accordingly I went to her and asked her to whom I have to approach just to seek an explanation for this arbitrary collection of Rs 150 towards maintenance, where treatment is free. She said rudely that I am the one who charged that fine because somebody has damaged the bathroom/toilets.

Then I told her, madam,you are collecting fine, it is fine but it should be from the person concerned, not from all. Then argued you are charging fine for the damage, is accepted but not from the patient who has not used the toilet yet. I told her that you got full right to collect the fine only from the patient who has damaged  it , not from all the patients. Then she raised her voice and said rudely that we will charge everybody, whether they do it or not as instructed by our superiors. Otherwise they deduct from our salary.

Then I told her that when they are deducting your salary, you feel it but the poor people who are coming from distant places just to avail free medical treatment provided by the government, you don’t feel it. Right?. Then I again told her that thanks god, we can at least afford to pay Rs 150 but what about the poor people who are struggling even to get Rs 50. Annoyed by this, she called her supervisor for further discussion. However I ageed her justification, she is obeying her instruction.

 Meantime supervisor, who came along with that head of the sisters and his assistant, when we were about to leave the hospital and met on our way. The lady, by pointing her finger at me said to her superior that he was the one, who was arguing with me.

The supervisor asked me, what is the problem with you . I told him that it is not the problem from my side, it is the problem created from your side by charging penalty for the damage somebody done it. Then he also raised his voice and told that lady to charge everybody without sparing anybody, whether they do it or? Then I asked him, how you can justify this arbitrary collection from the poor patients, he rudely said when you are receiving free treatment from the hospital, can’t you pay just Rs 150 towards penalty we imposed on you because we are paying every time Rs 2000-3000 as penalty to municipality health department. This is the answer what I got from the  head of security department, who is sitting cabin number 3,in emergency building.Alongwith me one more lady was with me to vouch my statement as a proof of my claim. All the patients in the ward were complaining about the rude behavior, attitude, approach towards the poor patients by the staff.

Now what I am seeking from hospital management is justification, whether the money collected from the poor patients, where treatment is available at free of cost is justified? Whether the rude, non-ethical and arbitrary decision taken by the staff is acceptable to the management? Why staff cannot be trained properly?

Anyhow I request on behalf of all the poor patients, who are coming all the way from different long distances with so many complaints just to avail free medical treatment, to treat them humanely not as an animal. Because they are receiving free treatment, they are not human being, only those who are paying are human beings. Let your staff learn how to behave with the patients, customers.Other than this I don’t have any other major issue.

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