Soujanya murder case: Protesters demand CBI Probe

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Mangalore, Oct.9: Demanding CBI probe into Sowjanya rape and murder case, DYFI jointly with Student Federation of India (SFI), The All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), Janathavadi Mahila Sangatane (JMS), Mahila Daurjanya Virodi Vedhike and others staged a protest, in front of the DC office on October 9, Wednesday.



The incident happened on October 9, 2012. It has reached almost a year and still there has been no response from political leaders and also the police.



Addressing the protesters, T N Seema, president of Kerala State Akhila Bharatha Janathavadi Mahila Sangatane said that the police department has failed to trace the real culprit of the Sowjanya murder case till now. The country which is talking about the women’s safety is not even bothered to give justice after her death. Dakshina Kannada district has a name of its own and it is a shame that this case has not been solved despite a year she added.



She further said the police department and the political parties are  protecting the criminals and trying to close the case. So that they targeted mentally challenged person named Santhosh Rao and arrested him.



She also urged the police department for hand over the case to CBI and provides justice to Soujanya’s death.



The protester demanded that the case should be transferred to CBI. And also they said that there must be strict action on the makers of blue films. And the family as well as society should take every responsibility to give security to women.


Dakshina Kannada district committee member, Kiran Prabha; Dakshina Kannada district committee secretary, Dayananda; DYFI president, Munir Katipala; SFI president, Nitin Kuthar; Dakshina Kannada district committee member Razak, and other members of Forum on Crimes Against Women were present for the protest.

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