Karkala: Citizen raises an opposition for the unsafe method of construction works

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Karkala; Oct 01: It has been hearing lots of complaints about the repair and maintenance of drainage system and manhole maintenance works, being undertaken in the jurisdiction of municipal council without using either barricade or red tape by the contractor near the work place as a safety measure and thereby endangering the lives of the people.


Citizens of Karkala have expressed their displeasure against the construction, repair and maintenance works of drainage system, manhole maintenance works in the municipal council’s jurisdiction, without taking any safety measures.


Digging works through JCB machine has started in front of the Ashok Hotel in main road in CMC limit on last Friday. Since contractor has not used any barricade or red tape as safety measure, local residents, who found some unused boards nearby, blocked the way by keeping those boards across the road.


Contractors only responsible for the lapse: According to Gopalakrishna Shetty’s –chief administrator of CMC statement,all the instructions with regard to safety measures have been given to contractors at the time of tendering and by violating the safety rules and regulations, if any accidents occurs, contractors only are responsible, he said.



Department should also pay attention:-Soloman Alvares, a citizen said in his speech that when the work is being carried out certain safety measures has to be taken by the contractors and they can’t ignore this norms. Besides contractors, the officials from the department also should ensure the safety while work is being carried out.

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