BJP Wins in By-election of Kadeshalya ward of Taluk Panchayath

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Bantwal, Oct.1: BJP candidate Kamalakshi won in the by election of Kadeshwalya ward. The election was held in September 29.

BJP candidate Kamalakshi K. Poojari won more than 531 votes against congress candidate Rajivi. The counting of votes held at Samarthya Sauda, B.C.Road.


The seat was vacant form when the member of Kadeshwalya ward Jayanthi resigned to the post.

The election was held on Sept. 29. The both parties were gave grand publicity for the by election.


By winning the election BJP hold the membership of the ward within it. And also it won by huge margin against congress. Bantwal block have 33 memberships in total. In that 17 BJP and congress won 16 seats. But with absent of Jayanthi in the second period of election both parties strength become equal. So that the BJP candidate Lalitha easily became president of the ward. Because that post is reserved for SC candidates. The vice president post was selected by picking the lot and that also gone to BJP candidate Ananda Shambulu.

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