Demand to waive-off arecanut farmers loan

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Mangalore, Sep.11:  Mr.V.P Sachin Miga ,The vice- President of Kisan khet Mazdoor Congress adressed the press meet and said that the Gorakh Singh report shoud be implimentedin chickmangalur, shimoga, D.k and Kodagu districts.

Mr.Miga said that the arecanut dieases such as friut rot disease which is caused by heavy rainsand continous hours of sun light have caused heavy damage to the farmers ,which have strained them to suicide which is an extreme step.

In 2012 the  court has passed the order to all banks to waive off the loans of arecanut farmers within 3 months , but it has not been exercised even after Central Finance Ministry approved it.

Futher Mr.Miga also mentioned that the state level finince comittee officers have provided inadequate information regrading the arecanut diseases hence no relief or preventive steps have not been taken,

It has been reported in Karnataka from to 2003 to 2011 nearly 986 arecanut farmers have committed suicidein these districts . Hence it is requested that the bank wait for the court order before taking any action against the arecanut farmers.

Mr.Sridhar Shetty, Mr.Ishwar Bhat, Mr.Kumar Subhramanya Shastri  were also present in the press meet.

By: Anjum Sheikh

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