Hike in Bus fare: DYFI urges the D.C to interfere in the issue.

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Mangalore, September 3: Though DYFI staged protest opposing the increase of bus rate by the bus owners association without the permission of district administration, deputy commissioner kept silent, which is condemnable. The D.Cs silence is against the people wish and he must take an action against the bus owners for increasing the price without the permission, DYFI urges.

Before increasing the rate D.C must call the meet of public, organisation and bus owners and collect the opinion of the people to fix the bus rate, where D.Cs permission also important. But, this time bus owners group raised the rate based on court order, without D.C permission. Though there were many protests, D.C did not take any action against illegal movement and at least no clarification is given to public also, which shows D.Cs involvement with them, DYFI alleged.

DYFI said that DCs people opposing action, action against the law are not acceptable. If D.C is not interfered to solve the problem, then Jilladikaari Hatao Movement will be intensified around the district, said DYFI district president Muneer Kaatipalla in a press release.

Report By: sathish Kapikad

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