Congress leaders scared of Modi: Monappa Bhandary criticises

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Mangalore, September 3: As Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP promotion committee president Narendra Modi’s name getting more and more famous, it leads to increase the heart beat in Congress national and state leaders.

 At one side every Congress leaders gives comment like Modi’s effect is nothing and BJP will face problem after he heir as a promotion committee president, another side those leaders are matching the Congress leaders to Modi, which shows effect of Modi on them.

In Mangalore, Higher Education Minister and Tourism minister R.V Deshpande stated as ‘BJP faces failness, where Modi’ moved’. It clears that his comment also for self satisfaction. The youths are following Modi by forming Namo Brigade, Namo Brothers organisation, which warns the Congress leader and shows Modi’s power. This action stings the Congress leaders and R. V Deshpande’s statement like ‘his words dislike by other’, matches to Congress people only and not to BJP workers, said Legislative council member and BJP district spokes person K. Monappa Bhandary in the press release.

Report By: Sathish Kapikad

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