Objectionable content in the 6th and 9th standard text book: Alleges Anti saffronisation committee

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Mangalore, Sep 1: In the present (2013-14) educational year, some objectionable content has been found in the 6th standard social science (first and second semester) and 9th standard social science and science book.

The text books are prepared during BJP government, but congress government continuing the same books, which is not correct. Now though the books  have reached  the children, government must announce that not to teach the objectionable matters and text books must be re formed, urged Anti saffronisation fighting committee.

Addressing the media at Hotel Woodlands, committee president Suresh Bhat Bakrabail said that though Chief Minister Siddaramaiah speaks about saffronisation, no action has been taken againt against it. The book is not followed NCF 2005 guidance and there is lack of debatable issues. The book is given the importance to Hindu religion and avoided the matter about women, lower community etc, said Suresh Bhat.

‘The textbook committee did not follow the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 guidelines. In class 6 textbook, under fundamental rights, there are not many details about religious freedom, culture, educational rights and others; which means the textbook targets minority people. Overall, it looks like creators of the textbooks have tried to highlight the negative aspects of Christianity and Islam’, he said.

‘The immorality of Catholic Church and fight between Protestants and Catholics is described in two pages. In class 9 social sciences textbook, there is lesson on Swami Vivekananda is mentioned but not about Dr Ambedkar, Dr S Radhakrishna, Jawaharlal Nehru and other prominent people’, he said.

When Jhnasi Raani’s smoking picture added in the book, many people raised voice against it and NCRT dropped such things. But regarding the 6th and 9th standard textbook it maintained the peace, which is not correct, said Krishna Shastri Balila.

Committee treasurer Nigel Pereira, Alwyn Colaco, Ramashesha Shetty, and Walter Maben were present.

By: Sathish Kpaikad

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