Once a social worker – now a cancer patient!; Pathetic story of Kervashe Subramanian Bhat who is seeking help

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Karkala; September 01: A skinny body lying on the bed…staring continuously at the sky with blinking eyes…..yelling for helping hand with great hopes. This is what the sympathetic story of a man, who was like any other person a few months back. He was the ray of hopes for many weaker sections of the society, actively involved in social activities. This is none other than Subramanya Bhat, a social worker from Kervashe Mudavukaje in Karkala taluk.


This is one of the classic examples of the fate, which can play any havoc in anybody’s life at any time. Subramanya Bhat, who is suffering on the bed today, experienced a severe giddiness five months before. He went to doctor for casual check-up. Upon check up, to his utter dismay, he was told by the doctor that he is suffering from cruel cancer. In spite of knowing about the deadly disease and treatment what he is undergoing, he was continuously engaged in social activities.


But his destiny proved other way around and his ability to do work has been snatched by that cruel cancer. Due to advancement of the disease, he had to be admitted to one of the private hospitals in Mangalore within two months for treatment. Bhat, who is undergoing treatment, has already spent rupees three lac. But according to doctor, who is attending him told that for the complete recovery of the disease, he has to undergo several expensive chemotherapy treatment, that might cost him around 6-7 lac.

As it is said in the beginning, first of all he does not have any source of income as he unemployed, on the other hand his poverty and above all this pretty expensive treatment.

Unable to meet all these expenses, he came back to home and looking for likeminded donors, who can extend financial aid for his treatment.

Responding to his pathetic story, on humanitarian ground and social responsibility, this article has been published by Gulf Kannadiga.com

Bhat, who is living with his wife Gayathri, two children and his old mother in Kervashe Mudavukaje and was managing with the meager salary, what he was receiving from Kervashe Mahalingeshwara temple, where he was the manager. But now he does not have any source of income and rely on helping hands.

Even at the age of 40, he was leading a respectful, transparent life, Brahmin by religion and was helping the hapless and poor people.

The man, who lives with two small children without any sources of income, with great distress, how he can bear the responsibility of spending such a big amount for the treatment?

After reading this article, those who want to donate by way of cash, DD or cheque can do so, to the address given below.

Subramanya N K,

Mudavukaje House, Kervashe,

Karkala Taluk.

Karnataka Bank Shirlalu.SB A/c No.7232500100143101.IFSC code KARB 0000723 or contact on Mobile No.9632523772

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