Yasin Bhatkal’s arrest made his father and uncle relieved; truth will come out-says Zarar Siddibapa

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Bhatkal, August 29: It has been learnt that following the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal alias Ahmed Siddibapa, his father Zarar Siddibapa and uncle Yaqub Siddibapa are relieved persons as they are eager to know the truth behind this uncooked story about Yasin.


Speaking to media reporters on August 29,Thursday, Yasin’s father Zarar Siddibapa said that now we are relieved because Yasin Bhatkal has been arrested based merely on media reports and the truth will come out and our fear that he would be eliminated in a fake encounter have been set to rest.


He further said” we have complete faith in the judicial process of the country and he should be punished, if he is found to be guilty of any offence after the due process of law is followed. The cardinal principal that every person is innocent until proved guilty should be followed, they said.


Several accusations, allegations were being spread in the media about Ahmed Siddibapa and we wish to put the basic facts in the public domain, they added.


Ahmed Siddibapa was born in 1983. He studied at Bhatkal from grade 1 to 10. He had never set foot in Pune to the best of our knowledge, until he disappeared from Dubai. Ahmed could not pass his 10th grade. He left for Dubai in November of 2005 and disappeared from Dubai in January 2007. Despite the best efforts of the family and the Dubai Intelligence, Ahmed Sidibapa could not be traced,” they said.

They requested the media not to conduct a media trial and allow a free, unbaised and fair trial.

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