Glittering Sree Krishna Janmashtami celebrations in Udupi Sree Krishna temple

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Udupi ; August 29 : Thousands of devotees from across the coastal belt have participated in the splendor celebration of Sree Krishna Janmashtami celebrations on August 28,Wednesday.A serpentine queue of devotees was witnessed at the Mutt right from morning.

krishna-janmastami_resize The Paryaya Sode Vadiraja Mutt Seer Sri Vishwa Vallabha Theertha Swamiji offered Tulasi Archane to Lord Krishna on Wednesday night followed by Krishnarghya Pradana at midnight. Thousands of devotees were present at the temple on the occasion.


Earlier on Wednesday morning, the muhurtham for the process of rolling laddoos to be distributed to devotees, was initiated by the Paryaya Seer.  Nearly one lakh chakkulis and two lakh laddoos were prepared by 60 cooks and the chakkulis and laddoos were distributed to devotees after the pooja at night.


There were continuous bhajans programmes at the Vasanth Mahal right since morning. Different Bhajan troupes participated in the programme which was inaugurated by Padigaru Srinivas Tantri, Diwan of Paryaya Mutt.

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Different Veshadharis including Huli Vesha troupes were on the streets of the town, to add flavor to the celebrations.

Sode Math Sri Vishwavallabha Theertha Swamiji offered ‘Arghya Pradhana’ to Lord Krishna at Shree Krishna Temple on occasion of Krishna Janmashtami.

Offering ‘Arghya Pradhana’ to Lord Krishna has significant importance. The ritual was performed at around 12.10 am.

‘Arghya Pradhana’ with water through conch and ‘Bilva’ leaves was offered to Lord Krishna. Later ‘Naivedhya’ was also offered to the deity.

Several devotees took part in this programme. Devotees fasting on Janmashtami offered ‘Arghya’ and ended their fast.

The famous Vittlapindi (Sri Krishna Leelotsava or Mosaru Kudike) celebrations will be held at the Sri Krishna Mutt premises on August 29, Thursday afternoon.
On Thursday there will be Anna Santharpane (mass feeding) for devotees from 10 am to 3 pm. The contests for the different Veshadharis will also be held on the occasion.

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