Sullia: Irregularities in the road progressive work; Officials were taken to task

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Sullia, August 28: Regarding the poor progressive work of Sullai division in the Maani- Mysore road people representatives condemned the action and taken official to the charge.

This incident is happened during checking of development report at Sullia taluk panchayat led by in charge minister B. Ramanatha Rai. When two officials were risen up to give the information, K.S. Devaraj, T.M Shaheed,K.M Mustafa, saraswati kamath, somashekar kaingaje and venkatappa were condemned their words and said that they gives assurance in front of the minister, but they won’t do the work. We are sick of asking the reason, in other side people might have beat them. There negligence crossed the limit and they must be added in to black list, they urged. In the response, minister warned the officials to finish the work within the certain period of time.

Residence facility: Revenue department making late to hand over the facilities to panchayat, alleged the gathered. Minister   stated that by forming the list demand must be fulfilled within certain period of time. Otherwise, poor ones will encroach other land and we will be the cause for that.

On the occasion some are alleged that survey work is not done properly in the rots problem suffering area.

MLA S. Angara, Taluk panchayat president Gunavathi, Tahsildar venu gopal, CEO malleswamy and special officer Muhammad were present.

By: Sathish kapikad

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