Krisha’s birth was for the welfare of the society: D. Krishna

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Neerchalu, august 28: Though people call Krishna as butter thief, he was distributing healthy food butter to every poor child. His child hood day’s plays were the welfare of the society and to appreciate his contribution, people celebrates Janmashtami feast, which is stream for the development, opined retired head master D. Krishna.


In the presidential address of’ Shree Krishna Jayanthi’ programme organised under the auspices of ‘Vidyodaya Sabha’ of Peradala Mahajana Vidyabhivardaka organisation at Mahajana Samkrutha college high school and primary school on Wednesday, August 28.


Primary school head master P. Govinda Bhat was Chandra shekar   present and winners of various competitions received the prizes on the occasion.

In the cultural programme Ballapadavu Nataraja Sharma sung the devotional songs.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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