Implementation of central educational system from next year: Kimmane Rathnakar

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Sullia, August 27: ‘Regarding the national secondary education last government did not take proper stand. Hence through central educational system, government has decided to enforce the best education system in the Karnataka from next year in the month of June’, said State education minister Kimmane Rathnakar.

He was speaking after offering the special pooja in the Kukke Subramanya temple along with his family; he said that central education system helps to eradicate all irregularities. From 1 to 8th standard primary and 9 to 10th standard considered as high school and including teachers’ salary, every economic supports will be provided by centre government, he said.

Model school project: The process is on to make 5,100 schools as model schools as one school each under the grama panchayat constituency with help of villagers and donors. In coming 2 years development revolution will be there in the educational field, he said.

Importance to nationalised school: Government is thinking to make the every school nationalised and in coming days there will be uniformity in education, which helps to eradicate the differences in educational system in the society.

Education minister became school head: By sitting in the head master’s chair, he asked the questions to teachers and suggested to give proper education to the children.

By: Sathish kapikd

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