Udupi: Approving only 55% of the land by the urban development authorities is unjustified -says former president

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Udupi; August 23: As there are more small pieces of lands in the district, each ½ cents of land has got RTC. Besides as there are rivers around and seas across, the law of the coastal controlling zone is disturbing the people.

Therefore by leaving 45% of the land unscientifically aside, the decision of urban development authorities to allow only 55% of the land for conversion, sale and purchase is not agreeable and which is unjustified, alleged Bhujanga Shetty, head of the problem solving samiti of revenue department and former president of zilla panchayat.


Demands of the revenue department problem solving samiti to government:

  1. Since many days discussion about 9-11 is going on.Some people are agreeing for 9-11, whereas some are disagreeing. In reality 9-11 is required, that has to be given by village panchayat and in this regard urban development authority’s NOC is not required.
  2. In rural areas, outside urban development authority’s jurisdiction, only village panchayat should be allowed to give permission for the conversion, sale and purchase of the land in villages without the NOC from the urban development authorities.
  3. Concession to be given for one acre of land reservation at the time of extension. It should be made mandatory for 7 meter width road. Concession also to be considered for below 50 cents of land.
  4. Permission has to be given to the owners of the land who have already extended after conversion to obtain NOC from the Panchayat after preparing drawings for the same from the land surveyor.
  5. A directive has to be given for the concession in land conversion for the people who wish to build houses in 5, 10 cents of land.

 Chetan Shetty, Golwin, Ramachandra Gowda and among others were present.

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