Udupi: Whom to be blamed for these Traffic ailments?

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Udipi; August 22:  It is good to see that along with surging population, city too developing coupled with increase in number of vehicles. Besides, along with two lanes, four lanes works, flyovers too find its own spots.




As the widening of roads are in process, still we feel as if roads are becoming shorter  and shorter due to swelling population and increase in number of vehicles.




There is no proper arrangement for the pedestrians to cross in prominent places of the city. May be due to reckless driving, denseness of the pedestrians or narrowness of the roads, the situation has become such that the people are losing their lives due to accidents. For parking of the vehicles is forgotten story, which is already not there. The vehicle owners are forced to park their vehicles in front of the Bar, restaurants, hotels, buildings and hospitals.




Even no parking sign boards have already been enjoying their own places. Therefore vehicle owners are constrained to park their vehicles in ‘No parking’ zones.

The elected representatives, authorities who are supposed to take major decisions in this regard to mitigate situations, have joined their hands and collaborated with building-land mafia group and showing their blind shrewedness.Under the circumstance we are in dilemma, confusion that to whom we have to blame?

It is true that now we have to adapt to the new atmosphere of globalization, urbanization, which is inevitable. Roads are being widening but it is not being done in the place, where it is genuinely needed and people are putting under undue hardship for want of footpaths.

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