R. Shankar’s bronze statue will be exposed at Palayam: Ibrahim Kodijal

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Mangalore, August 22: Kerala State first congress chief Ministers R. Shankar’s bronze statue has built by Kerala region congress and on August 25, from the Gokarna temple, it will move to Palayam under the leadership of Janardhana Poojari, said Congress district president Ibrahim Kodijal.


R. Shankar was first C.M of the congress party and he was follower of Narayana Guru, Hence, statue moves from Gokarnanatha Temple and through thiruvananthapuram it will reach to Palayam. On September 7, Congress president Sonia Gandhi will expose the statue, he said.

The 12 inch statue is constructed in the Kerala State and while moving to Kerala State congress workers and MLAs will be participating.

Union Congress Committee member Subbayya Rai, shivaram alwa, ivon D’ Souza and others were present.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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