Modi is ‘promoted’ by advertisement institutions: Mahendra Joshi

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Mangalore, August 19: International Advertisement Company has gained the contract to show the Narendar Modi as Prime Minister Post candidate and this institution shows the illusion of him. The same institution worked in the promotion of Barak Obama, which is notable, said national congress Sevadal convener Mahendra Joshi.

He was speaking in the three days workers training camp organised at Pilikula Scout hall, he said that Modi is moving in the illusion that if wrong pronounce thousand times, then it will be true and BJP also following the same method. Nobody wanted him till yesterday, but today, party shows him as Prime Minister Candidate. Modi had handover the educational institutions to private institution and made the poor students as education less. He says there are 49 universities in the Gujarat, but poor people’s situation is very bad, hence media must highlight these issues, he suggested.

National Sevadal minister Pramod Kumar Pande said that BJP and its sister organisations are splits the society for vote, hence people must be aware about it.

Camp convener Vishwanath, Women division state convener Sujatha Ullal and state convener Bima Shankar B.M were present.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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