People must equipp with weapons to protect their cattle : Manjunatha Mandya

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Mangalore, August 19: ‘Government is not there to protect people and people itself must protect their cattle. Hence, everyone must have a weapon and when thieves enters for robbery people must attack them and that gives importance to Ayuda Pooja, said Bajarangadal regional president Manjunatha Mandya.


Urging to ban the cattle slaughtering, cattle trafficking and illegal slaughtering houses Janajagruthi committee staged a protest rally from Jyothi circle to infront of Deputy Commissioner office.

Manjunatha Mandya said that we have heard the cattle thieving and cattle transportation in every part of the nation, but this is the first we are hearing about cattle robbery. ‘The question rises about their courage for robbery and when Siddaramaiah came to power, from then onwards, these activities are increasing, he showed his angriness.


There are Muslim brothers in this society and to live in peace, and then must stop their community people, who are involving in such activity. For small cases also police puts goonda act, but why they are not putting such cases on these people. If police is not taking relevant action, then we will take the law in our hand, he warned the government.


In the presidential speech Dr. Vaman shenoy said that cattle’s are decreasing in day by day and it will adversely affect the nation. When police tried to catch the thieves, most them are ran away and police don’t have a capability to chase them. There is need of physical fitness training to police and they are carrying the investigation only on moral policing, but there is need of investigation on non moral policing also, he said.


Jana jagruthi secretary Vijay Gowda, Organisation convener Dinesh Pai, Bajarangadala Convener sharan Pumpwel, Kishore Kumar and others were present.

By: sathish Kapikad

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