Cheating to gold merchant ; accused arrested

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Mangalore, August 19: Rajastan police have arrested a thief, who had theft Rs. 80 lakh costs 3.6 kg gold in two week ago and surrendered him to Bandar police.

 The accused identified as Sagar Gehlot (21), hails from Shevari of Rajastan. He was working as a helper to Hasmuk Kimraj, from Mangalore, who was working as a gold merchant and supplying the ornaments to Mumbai. On August 5, when Mr. Kimraj told him to keep the gold in his house, but sagar ran away with that gold. But Mr Kimraj complained with police that someone might kidnap him. When Bandar police were thinking to arrest him, Rajastan police were already took him under the custody and informed the Bandar police. Hence, now he is in under the custody of Bandar police.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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