Mangalore city police arrested a cheater and seized 400 gm of golden ornaments

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Mangalore, August 18: Mangalore city police have arrested a culprit near Pacchanadi, who was cheating the widows, by taking the gold ornaments with marriage assurance.

The police have seized the 400 gm golden ornaments, a car and accused has taken to judicial custody.

The accused has identified as Nagaraj Shetty alias Rajanna, resident of Kolara, Gowribidanoor. The sources says that he was giving the notice in the newspaper like he is ready to get marry with widows or divorce given women and he was maintaining the closeness with those, who were contacting him or he was gaing contact of divorce given women’s through middle man’s. In the begining he was roaming with them by giving the assurance and later, he was cheating them after receiving the ornaments.


How did he fallen to police net? :

Recently he was roaming with a women by giving her marriage assurance and they also visited the Murdeshwara, Kollur and other temples. At last they came to Adyar, Dhoomavathi Katte and he said, that was good place to get marry. when, women started to take the round to Katte, he ran away with her 400 gm golden ornaments. But women had given the complaint to police and police had caught him through his car colour and two numbers of the car.

The investiagtion is under process.

by:sathish kapikad

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