Belthangadi villagers opposes the Gas Pipe Line Project

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Belthangadi, august 18:’We may die, but we won’t leave our property. officials are speaking about the occupying of land and if they come again for teh survey, we will show the sword to them’, these words are heard in the Gas pipe line victims meet at Neriya on Saturday.

When MLAs and officials visited the place for meet, the residents rejected meet by saying that there is no need of any meet, untill we get proper assurance.

Due to HPCL Gas pipe line extention in Mangalore- Hasana- Mysore, which is crossing through 12 gramas, the officials called a meeting in presence of Vasanth Bangera, but rejecting the meet people demanded for justice.

there was warm status-co around the area and peple moved for fight with officials, but police succeded to get the situation under the control.

after hearing the people’s demand MLA suggested for meeting, but people completely refused for the project and urged for proper information regarding that and with acceptance of officials, they decided to call the meeting.

Gas pipe line’s special land occupying officer Yashodha, talhsildar Basavaraj, project manager Yuvraj, belthangadi Talhsildar shrinivas, belthangadi circle inspector Baskara rai were present among others.

Belthangadi taluk Gas line victims reunion de consulta will be held at Belthangadi Guru Narayana hall and MLAs and concerned officials will be present.

By: Sathish Kapikad


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