Pvt. Bus fare will increase by ten percent : Rajavarma Ballal

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 Mangalore, August 18: Due to increasing the rate of fuel and parts Karnataka State Bus Owners Association decided to increase the rate of travel and ten percent rate will be increased from Tuesday onwards.

Addressing the media Bus Owners Association President Rajavarma Ballal said that private limited stop buses and city buses will increase the rate in a equal manner and in the city area the rate will increase from Rs 6 to Rs 7. Mangalore to Udupi buses rate also increase from Rs 50 to Rs 55, he added.


‘The private buses of the every district will follow the same scale, but it effected on public and students will get 50 percent of concession pass’, he explained.

In the coming days,  RFID (Radio Frequent Identification divice) will be set in the bus. daily routine passangers will get 25 percent concession and for this they must take RFID card. Through this system passangers can move most of the places, he said.

Association Vice President Jayaram, general secretary S. Sadananda Chaatra, Balakrishna Rai and Suresh Nayak were present.

 By: sathish Kapikad

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