Udipi: Govt is serious about making available ‘boiled rice’ – says minister

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Udipi; August 18:  Addressing the press meet held at Udipi Pravasi Mandir on August 18, Sunday Dinesh Gundu Rao, minister for food and civil supply said in his address that pilferation of the food grains should be reduced and in order to run the ration shop smoothly food grains should be supplied as per the requirement of the people.



As one of the main demands of the people to supply wheat along with rice, it is  already under government’s consideration, he said.


In view of distributing the food grains, only when card holders come to the ration shop government is planning to install Bio-matric machine in the ration shop within 2-3 months. Now the government has been supplying kerosene oil at the rate of Rs 16.20 per litre and intending to make the state kerosene-less and before it was not being given in urban cities but now urban transport has decided to supply at the rate of Rs 6/per bundle, he added.


Pramodh Madhwaraj, MLA and others were present in the meet

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