High voltage; A house burnt down at Varkadi

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Manjeshwara, August 17: Due to high voltage a house had burnt down and caused to Rs 2 lakhs of loss to house owner, here at Varkadi.

The incident occurred in the house of Varkadi Purusam Godi P. M Abdulrahman at night.

When vicinity people visited the spot and called the mescom office, nobody had picked the phone, which was caused to angriness of locals, but later by removing the fuse from the transformer, they extinguish the fire. Hence, a major intruder had missed from the action and residents survived by running out. In 12 year ago, due to falling of wire in the water, 6 people loosed their life and there no reply from power office. In the high voltage nearly 50 houses burnt down.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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